Art Card Edition or Original (ACEO) & Dollhouse Miniatures

An ACEO is a miniature work of art measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  ACEO stands for Art Card Edition or Original.  These tiny paintings allow buyers to collect works of art in a convenient size which may be used in a collage, shadow box display, hung within a dollhouse, or wherever your imagination takes you.

I enjoy painting ACEO’s because the small size of the paintings, coupled with fast-drying acrylic paint, allows me to tackle more than one subject in a day.  Acrylic works great for ACEO’s but can make for difficult blending in larger paintings due to its quick-drying nature.

Typically, each card starts as a blank piece of #140 mixed media paper.  I don’t usually make any sketches on the paper, but instead create the picture as I go.   Each original is a completely new painting with its own details and its own character.  Two of my more popular series are my Seascape series and the Forbidden Forest series.

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