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From Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Creatures A Tangled Tour Maze Book By Paul M. Woodruff

Weighing perhaps eight tons, Amargasaurus was not as large as its sauropod relatives, Apatosaurus and Diplodocus. However, long spines protruding from its neck gave this South American dinosaur a distinct appearance.


From Monsters, Myths, & Mysteries A Tangled Tour Maze Book By Paul M. Woodruff

In Arabian legends, the roc is an enormous bird of prey capable of carrying off elephants in its talons. Some claim that 13 th century explorer Marco Polo witnessed the gigantic eggs and feathers of the roc, if not the roc itself.


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Download Ceratosaurs in color.
Download Ceratosaurs in
black and white.

The Ceratosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that sported a small horn on its snout. At about twenty feet long, Ceratosaurus was half the size of Tyrannosaurus rex, but it was still a fearsome predator.

Download Protoceratops in color.
Download Protoceratops in Black & White

Protoceratops was an herbivorous, or plant-eating dinosaur. Fossils of this animal have been uncovered in the Gobi desert of Asia. This area was also home to the well-known Velociraptor.

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